a Gameplay Engineer focused on the User Experience


Responsible for generating Oculus Quest draw call, fragmentation, and memory analysis on early stages of game. Providing technical budget and pipeline guidance. Introduced optimized pixel shading paths by updating UE4's MobileBasePassPixelShader.usf based on objectives set by art direction.


Responsible for improving performance on the PS4 base kit.

Outlaws of the Old West, Code HQ (2018)

Developing BT for multiple AI archetypes (Single, Pack, and Herding) (Biped & Quadruped). Resolving critical bugs such as memory leaks or package corruption. Developed multiple character systems such as state machine logic to determine to unequip/equip behavior. Optimized UE4 server's game thread by tweaking resource requirements based on AI state. Optimized UE4 client's game/anim thread handling of simulated actors when culled / distant. Optimized replication of character state by storing mobility states (climbing, attacking) within a bitmask. Work with 3 other engineers to produce a robust AI system.

Bullet Train, Epic Games (2016)

Developing artist tools for AI, One-Off Animations. Developed Behavior Tree including multiple subtrees. I was responsible for creating an AI Behavior Tree for a Project. This include creating arrival behavior, multiple hostile states, AI sequenced events, and artist tools.

Can You Walk The Walk?, CreateVR (2014)

Scripting scenes of Animated Sequences. Importing sound and voice over tracks. Maintain high frame rate. Worked with artist to maintain high fidelity. Version Control Manager. Testing and Integration on HTC Vive, Oculus, Google Cardboard and PSVR. Integrated Playstation Move Remote via UE4 C++ Plugin.


“Peter’s main role at Inhance was to develop for the brand new Magic Leap One headset in UE4. He quickly identified the quirks, issues and limitations of the platform. He was able to document them and to pass the information to the rest of the company including the art team and the creative team. He developed two projects with the ML1 including a two weeks sprint to make a demo for the automotive industry that was shown live on stage. On top of being a resourceful develop fluent in Blueprints and C++, he has a charming personality and he’s always willing to go the extra time to meet a deadline. ”

Benjamin Zysberg, Director Of Technology at Inhance Digital

“Peter was the lead- and only- programmer we used to create the Can You Walk The Walk VR Experience for Sony Pictures. At the time, VR development tools were in their infancy, but Peter had no trouble. Whether it was figuring out which SDKs were acting up and which worked best with which tools, or how to get around broken plugins with manual scripting, he was extremely valuable during the whole process. If you give him a problem to solve, he’ll figure it out without having to hold his hand”

Jake Black, Head of CreateVR at CreateVR

“We contracted Peter to come on site and work with us to iterate on some ideas that we had for AI in one of our VR demos. I was particularly impressed with his self-directed work style, especially with regards to our iterative workflow. We’d tell him what the end result of what we would like, and he implemented systems to make it happen. He’s very easy to work with, enthusiastic, and created well-documented Blueprints for us to build off of. We were able to take what he prototyped, and use it as a starting point for developing our ideas further!”

Nick Whiting, Studio Head at Epic Games.


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